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Cowhide Leather: Cowhide leather is a popular choice for cowboy boots. It is durable, looks good and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Cowhide leather is also used on hand tooled boots.

Python Skin: Python skin boots have a very unique pattern.A back cut python boot has the larger scales that are on the snakes belly.A belly cut python boot has the smaller scales that are on the snakes back and form unique patterns.Python skin bots are soft and break in really easy!

Stingray Leather: Stingray leather is know for its beautiful pebbly finish and its durability. Stingrays are fished for food off the cost of Thailand.They are a non-endangered species. Stingray skins are available in various colors and patterns. Stingray skins can also  be sanded, which makes them very smooth and gives them an even more luminous appearance!

Ostrich Leather: Ostrich is a leather known for its softness,flexibility and durability ostrich is available in two types:The full quill which has the bumps and the leg which has its own distinct pattern. Ostrich is one of the most desired exotic skins in cowboy boots!

Crocodile Leather: Crocodile leather is set apart as the premium exotic skin used on cowboy boots. Although it is well know crocodile is still relatively rare which helps keep its appeal. Crocodile is available in two cuts, belly and hornback. The belly cut has a more regal appearance of the two. Crocodile is one of the premium leathers and is growing in demand.

Teju Lizard Leather: Teju Lizard leather is one of the most desirable exotic skin cowboy boots. With its pronounced pattern lizard is instantly recognizable. The belly of the lizard is usually used due to the richer feel. Teju lizard is available in a variety of colors!

Buffalo Calf: Buffalo Calf is made from the hides of young water buffalo. Buffalo calf is smooth, fine grained and soft. Fewer scars and blemishes which adds value to this type of leather. It takes and holds a high luster and shine. This is a splendid leather for cowboy boots.

Sueded Buffalo: Sueded Buffalo is made from hides of adult water buffalo. It is heavy, but soft. It is as durable as a cow but has a more unique pattern. Water buffalo is being used more and more on cowboy boots.